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It's not a DIET

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  2006.11.12  02.31

Helloooo, community! Is there anybody out there who'd like to make this active again? Start a contest maybe? I think this comm has a brilliant idea. Someone respond pretty please.

City: Seattle, Washington
Sex: Female
Weight: 158 lbs
GW 1: 150
GW 2: 130
UGW: 100 or below


  2005.11.13  14.33
yupper doooodly dooo

alright well i am officially addicted to two diet pills plus water weight goners haha and it sucks but i feel gooder anyways i have a few tips for all u ladies...here goes

1)if u are home alone alot or not this could work for you- if you want ur parents thinking that ur eating even tho ur on a diet do this--get leftovers (so its not a big waste) and put it in a bowl/plate (wutever) and then go to the bathroom and flush it then quickly go to ur room and then come out in like 15 mins and its empty "cuz you ate it" then they think u did -- this works well if u are "studying alot" and dont have time to "eat" with the family haha or if ur home alone just dump some down the toilet and if they ask say,"yeah i had some [insert wutever food here] earlier." they check and ur scott free.

2)if you share a computer or have nosy parents--there is a program which clears EVERYTHING (like history and stuff) and its called "Cleanup!" u can google search that and its free -not only price wise but spyware and viruses so no worries- and just a two second install and its not complicated AT ALL and then u dont have to worry about them stumbling upon anything.

3)for hunger growls or no energy on fasts- if u get grumbles and wut not and feel VERY hungry then take a cap full of vinegar-yeah its really nasty and wut not but it works INSTANTLY!!!!- and i suggest taking Mega-T green tea pills (LOL) while on fasts for energy and it keeps ur metabolism wicked.

***These are personal likes and wutever so dont diss me on this,k? k thanks!***

GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! think thin!


  2005.10.04  21.28

ok.... i just wrote this... i don't know what you guys will think etc... i posted it because i think it's kinda what we all think if not.. i'm sorry... if you're gonna use it anywhere credit would be nice...I was just thinking and wrote it... i dont think about food anymore the right way... i hope you like it... and i know its long

but... it would be cool to see what people would think... thanx

what i wrote... what i feel most of us think... credit would be niceCollapse )

Mood: content

  2005.09.22  10.11
Hi I'm new!~~~~

city: St.Paul
age: 17
sex: female
Height:5'2 1/2
weight: 121 (grossssssss)
hw: 141 (discustfull)
gw: (1):110 (2):100

well I'm excited for this community I'm appart of the 28day plan too and this community sounds really homey lol soo hopfully.....

I was wondering though if anyone could recomend n e web sites that could help me with some q?s i have just with a lot of things???? I'd greatly appriciate it thanks a bunch...

P.S.If anyone wants to be my friend you can reply or contact me at my e mail at ashlen2000us@yahoo.com



Mood: my goal 900cal (no good)

  2005.09.10  16.32

recovery looks like it will be coming soon, like maybe even monday if things go right i could be in recovery Monday, i don't know how its gonna go so i may or may not be, so, i have to se how it goes, etc... but if i have to say good bye to all of you, goodbye, because i will miss you, but i'm predicting that i wont be able to come back after recovery, so i think that i will not be able to come back to this site, but i will miss all of you, and good luck with everything... I hope that everything goes great! and so i hope all of you do well. I will miss you sooo much and i dont have anything else to say just that i will miss you all... Thank you for all of your support, it turns out that i get to tell my parents to night so wish me luck :( ::tear:: i'll miss you all, if i'm repeating i'm sorry

Good bye dearies
- because i'm going into recovey i will now post my name...


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  2005.08.29  11.41

I posted yesterday with the weight specific communities. I got comments wanting communities in the 120-150 range, so I made some more. They still need a lot of work:



  2005.08.28  09.45

I just created a bunch of new communities specific to people's weights. If anyone wants to join, here are the links:


Please join. I know a lot of people want to find other people close to their weight so they can have a fasting buddy or whatnot, so hopefully this will help you out some. I haven't worked on any of them yet, but they will be really good soon, I promise.


  2005.08.19  18.29

i just wanted to let everyone know that if they ever needed someone to talk to or anything like that, they could email me to get my number or just email me
xoxo loves
ps. i weighed in at 100 today.. -.-


  2005.08.18  12.13

havent posted any pics of me in awhile...so here goes....shield your eyes..critique me...i knwo i need to do some work
dont look to closeCollapse )


  2005.08.14  00.06

welp....doing a whole month fast of juice and water...plus green tea...ill be taking diet pills and chewing gum....wish me luck!!


  2005.08.07  20.51

my pics yay!Collapse )

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  2005.07.17  18.39

i need to lose my tummy..i actually fit into a size 0 pants and i didnt have to squeeze so i was dancing in the fitting rooms the other night..but now i need to work on my stomach...so im off to do a couple work out tapes and maybe try a fast
monday night, i am starting a fast, then tuesday and wednesday i have practice and another one on thursday am...im gonna try to go until thursday but i dont know if my family is gonna make me eat or not
xoxo everyone
hope you all are doin well



  2005.07.13  11.33

ok sorry for not updating or wutever...ive been on vacay..and keepin thin...but i just saw The Insider...and they were talking about anorexia and my moms like "I think thats you Caela!" and im like " No mom, Im ED-NOS" and then i walked away it was funny cuz she hasnt said a thing...and shes been less on my case i dunno...but there is some site...i THINK*** its sexyanorexic.net or wutever but its great for hardcore bones!.....i dunno i hope ur fasts and wut nots are going good...yay bye


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  2005.06.25  14.04


Post your final stats as a comment to this post and we will decide a winner! Woohoo!

If you didn't do so well, there will be another contest in July for those who need the extra motivation.

Post post post post post!!! :)

Happy thinning. <3


  2005.06.17  11.57


No matter how you did, post your stats on this post in the format from the info page.

Remember, we still have one more week, this is just a check-in.

Good luck!


  2005.06.15  17.57

i'm so thrilled that next friday is the weigh-in. The reason 4 this is i will have an extra reason to get rid of my fat. Im goin to Jersey (like i do every year). this year though I wanna look damn good. u know. Does anyone in here think its possible to lose between 12-17lbs till then. I'm sure it is right?????? I wanna be to 95 or hopefully 90.


  2005.06.15  14.16

Three more days (counting today) until Check-in #1.

Be strong, girls! And remember, even if you messed up this week (like I have -- eugh McD's), you have another week and a half!

Good luck!


  2005.06.13  01.11

I start taking Thermadrol tomorrow morning.

Anybody know anything about them? Like, how they work and everything?

Please and thanks!


  2005.06.11  20.02

There has definatelly got to be something wrong w/ this world because in my post below where it says mood I put full and there's a fucking smileing face. I wasn't smileing when I wrote that. Why would anyone be smileing if they ate like a cow.


  2005.06.11  10.17
body shots

i just took tonsss of pictures because my digital camera finally started working.i would love it if people guessed my weight. pleaseeeee comment. i'm 5'7.5"




  2005.06.11  01.34

Height: 5'7"
Weight previous week: 153
Weight this week: 149
Pounds lost: 4
Exercise (Y/N): Y
Binge/Purge (Y/N): Y
Photos (opt): n/a


  2005.06.10  22.27
look a new kid!

City: Mifflin
Age: 2 months till 21
Sex: Chick
Height: 5'3
Weight: 105-108 ewh!
HW: 145 (i think)
GW 1&2:  1-100 & 2-95 (unless i still feel fat)
Pimp this community! Prove it:  I'm sorry I don't have pics @ the moment. :(......they would make u sick anyway. I'M FAT!

So a few questions. What days do the competitions start. I'm really in2 this. I need to lose sum fuckin lbs. Another question Why do bad things happen to good people? damnt!

Mood: full

  2005.06.10  19.56

122.9 I just have to remember that.... I know i can do this competition i can... I just have to put my mind to it ok so as of today i am at 122.9 pounds
My plan is to get to the lowest possible weight i can i can do it i know i can
Ok but anyways my day has been pretty shitty but yeah well g2g post back tomarow after my ACT testing luv you all
ana love~~~ ash

e mail me if your from Minnesota at ashlen2000us@rock.com

Mood: aggravated

  2005.06.10  18.56

City: Green Bay
Weight: 118
HW:126 ( almost 3 weeks ago)
GW 1&2: 107-85
Pimp this community! Prove it: I'm a figure skater and i'll put ur link in my journal
Before and/or after pics:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mood: blah

  2005.06.10  16.44

Pictures of me, just because.Collapse )


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